The building named after Kumbaracı Ramp, one of the most well-known streets of Beyoğlu consists of 24 rooms with different measurements and bar&restaurant called ‘Parole’ where breakfast is also served.


When you host a party or family reunion, the special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with.


  • Train ———————————————————— 250 m
  • Merto ———————————————————— 50 m
  • New İstanbul Airport ————————————– 40 km
  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport ———————————— 50 km
  • Grand Bazaar ————————————————- 8 km
  • Sultanahmet ————————————————— 8 km
  • Dolmabahçe Palace ———————————–—— 1,5 km
  • Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition Center —— 1 km
  • Galata Tower ————————————————- 2 km
  • Topkapı Palace ———————————————– 8 km
  • CNR Expo —————————————————- 20 km

Beyoğlu is the apple of eye in Istanbul. It is maybe the only place that more than 10 million Istanbulites cannot help visiting every now and then by making excuses. It is not possible for those coming from the suburban areas not to visit with Beyoğlu when they come to Istanbul.  There are definitely one or two places of Beyoğlu which are important for everybody from Taksim Square to Tunnel Square, from upper parts to lower parts, from Tarlabaşı to Kasımpaşa, from Çukurcuma to Tophane, from Banks Street to Galata.  It is the center of country’s modernization for 150 years. It draws domestic and foreigner visitors from every generation to itself like a magnet with its hotels, patisseries, cafés, restaurants, public soup-kitchens. It created a tolerance atmosphere to allow several faiths to coexist together thanks to its mosques, churches and synagogues.  It is known as all arteries of culture and art originate from Beyoğlu from past to present. It calls over cinema, theatre, opera, art gallery, bookshop, festival and biennial lovers. Beyoğlu renews itself. As it managed to be reborn from the ashes of so many fires like a phoenix now the governors and citizens are moving forward together to gain a modern look. Beyoğlu 1857-2007 is an album prepared on the basis that those who know their past well would have a better future.  It is a journal for Beyoğlu lovers.
Ahmet Misbah Demircan
Beyoğlu Mayor

Taksim Istiklal Avenue, one of the most central points of Istanbul, is the closest point to both sightseeing and walking distance. Our hotels are located in an advantageous location in terms of transportation to the meeting and exhibition centers of the city, cultural and entertainment centers such as Beyoğlu, Sultanahmet, Dolmabahçe, Atatürk Culture Center, world famous brands such as Nişantaşı, Maçka and Atatürk airport. Since it is on an itinerary, it offers the opportunity to travel all over Istanbul effortlessly.

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