Stories Hotel Kumbaracı

The building named after Kumbaracı Ramp, one of the most well-known streets of Beyoğlu consists of 24 rooms with different measurements and bar&restaurant called ‘Yeni Lokanta’ where breakfast is also served.

This building that attracts the attention of people walking by Istiklal Street with its historical exterior is located in Asmalı Mescit, the most well-known area of Beyoğlu and the most popular district of historical Pera resisting to being forgotten and defeated by time, welcoming with the restaurants with variety of cuisines and concept bars. Thus Asmalımescit, the center of night life in Istanbul and the mirror of Beyoğlu not only entertains but also displays the finest details of cultural heritage.

You may reach to Galata Tower by visiting contemporary art galeries, boutique & antique shops on the way from Stories Kumbaracı to Karaköy.

The building of Stories Hotel Kumbaracı, dating back to early 1900s and matching with sense of neighbourhood elegantly, features the typical characteristic of French architecture that forms the architectural style of Taksim/Beyoğlu predominantly.

It was intended to create large suit rooms in this building which was decorated successfully to maximize the functionality. Stories Hotel Kumbaracı combines the modernism and history with its high ceilings, marble spiral staircase and bar&restaurant called ‘Yeni Lokanta’ in the ground floor.

Extremely inviting, extremely mystique…

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